Veteran animation and game development artist, specializing in 2D and 3D layout, design and concept work.


Employment History

Digital Extremes
Art Director – Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack and Spartan Ops DLC

♦ Generated, monitored and maintained project visual style.
♦ Created style guides and art bibles.
♦ Directing a team of concept, environment, layout and effects artists.

Digital Extremes
Concept  & Digital Layout Artist – Bioshock 2 MP & Darkness 2

♦ Established an environment based on game design and story needs.
♦ Worked closely with environmental artists to generate the assets lists needed for game levels.
♦ Collected reference and designed specific assets as needed, then populating and arranging the level to the polished stages.

Elliott Animation
Environmental Set/2D Designer, 3D world architect  & Senior 3D Concept DesignStoked & Rollbots

♦ 3D modeller.
♦ Environmental set designer, 2D & 3D.
♦ 2D designer and concept artist.

Nelvana Animation Inc.
2D  Designer & location/Layout Supervisor

♦ Supervised layout and location design for many award winning properties, including Rescue Heroes, Jacob Two-Two, Moville Mysteries and Di-gata Defenders.
♦ Designed locations, layouts, props and characters for additional properties such as Little Bear Feature, Cyberchase and Wayside.

Fox Animation Studios
Layout Artist/Conceptual Designer

♦ Layout artist on Fox’s first animated feature, Anistasia.
♦ Concept artist on several properties never moved into production. The Africa project, Faust, and Ice Age for 2D.
♦ Concept artist and 3D draftsman for Bartok the Magnificent and Titan A.E.



Sheridan College

♦ Successfully completed Classical Animation diploma program.

St. Clair Secondary School

♦ Successfully completed Ontario secondary school diploma.


Technical Aptitude

Proficient in use of Microsoft Office, Maya, Photoshop, InDesign and proprietary game engines including DEs Evolution and current unannounced project engine.

Additional Highlights

♦ Experienced instructor and guest lecturer at the post secondary level.
♦ Student of Karate and Daito Ryu.
♦ Active in community hockey, mountain and trail biking.
♦ Proficient in a wide variety of traditional and digital artistic media.
♦ Volunteer for breast cancer research and support benefits, 2006–2009.
♦ Additional language aptitude in conversational French.


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