The Darkness II

For the Darkness II, (D2) my responsibilities ranged from concept to layout/environment work and assisting the art director.

To help put the following work into context, often there was little time for extensive development or iteration. I was tasked with creating sketches and illustrations to a base level of usability then quickly insert it into the production pipeline.

If scrolled through in the order presented, the following galleries highlight development stages.

The Asylum

For the Asylum, I created concepts and rough style guides.  Once in production I helped with layout of the level as well as polish passes and lighting.




 The Franchetti Mansion

On the Franchetti mansion, I gathered extensive reference for my art director, sketched concepts and helped lay out much of the floor space.  I contributed to the final polish pass and helped to construct the exterior New York City Skybox.  Due to time constraints, many of the following concepts are incomplete but still made it into the final product.



The Estacado Mansion

I created style guides, concept sketches and helped with layout on the Estacado Estate level.  I also did the polish pass including lighting.  Like much of the work I did for D2, many of the following pieces are rough sketches or partially complete but I had the fortune of seeing the level through to the end, allowing me to skip some of the more polished concept stages.



New York Rooftops

The rooftop level was strictly layout/environment work.  We had an extensive city set from which to construct the level. I started with some paint overs and brought the level to completion including lighting.


Sketches, Concepts and Paint Overs

The following content covers work done for the cemetery, city streets, brothel and hell levels.  Also, I’ve included concepts for Jackie’s limo.


Character Concepts

Although none of my character concepts made it into the game, I had a great deal of fun creating them particularly the Brotherhood and Vendettas characters.


Darkness II © 2K Games 2012